I am profoundly thankful for the trust placed in me as the President of AIPMA, and I extend my heartfelt appreciation to all the members for granting me the privilege to lead this esteemed association. I am fortunate to have a capable team of office bearers and staff, and I am confident that together, we will function as a cohesive team to achieve our goals.

Manish Dedhia


The 12th edition of ‘Plastivision India 2023’ concluded on 11th December 2023 With great success and a record 2,34,000+ visitors, 1280 exhibitors - 71 of them were foreign exhibitors from 20 different countries, including China, Malaysia, South Korea, Germany, and Malaysia—displayed cutting-edge global technology and goods. In addition to creating over 1,00,000 employments, the event enabled deals worth 5000 crores in business. With 101 buyers from 26 countries, Plastivision India 2023 experienced reverse Buyer and Seller interactions for the first time. Big Indian companies including Reliance, HPCL, IOCL, and JSW Group, among many others, honoured Plastivision India 2023.

On behalf of the Managing Committee Members of AIPMA, myself and my Colleague.

Plastivision India 2023 team, team of National Advisory Board & Team of National Executive Committee, AIPMA Secretariat and AIPMA Zonal Office Staff, I want to express my appreciation and thanks to all our National & International Exhibitors. Visitors Associates and Logo Supporting organisations, Event Partners, Management of NESCO, Service Providers of various principles, Departments of Union & State Government who permitted to floor the show, and to the many individuals, companies and organizations who contributed silently or visibly to the success for our Plastivision 2023, Words are inadequate to express our gratitude, sincere thanks to each one who lent their shoulders to ensure flawless Plastivision exhibition.

This is the result of microscopic vision of the Chairman NEC Mr. Harpal singh, Plastivision India 2023 Co-Chairman NEC Dr. Ashutosh Gor and Mr. Chandrakant Turakhi and their Team who relentlessly worked for over 30-35 months setting aside all their business time, personal & family time, Holidays, festivals etc. to ensure that Plastivision India 2023 touches the highest bar of World Plastics Exhibition's so far.

Special thanks to our sponsors M.s Sudhakar Pipes for reposing faith in AIPMA and PVI whom we cannot express our appreciation enough for being a part.

Last but not the least my Managing Committee, Office Bearers and Governing Council who have given their quality time to support the event to achieve the set target.

We are set forward with a strong will to ensure and lead the way of the new openings in the recycling sector as we are coming up with The Global conclave on Plastic Recycling and sustainability (GCPRS). This is a first ever dedicated exhibition on plastic recycling and sustainability in India. The exhibition is a platform for showcasing business opportunities, focusing on the latest trends and innovations in plastic recycling and sustainable practices, offering numerous prospects for trade in various sectors. The focal point of the exhibition is to showcase innovative recycling technologies, sustainable alternatives such as biodegradable and compostable plastic, and efficient waste management solution.

Stay tuned for further updates and details regarding the expo and the events.

Manish Dedhia