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  • Monthly subscription to 'Plastics News' Magazine & access to the newly launched 'e Plastics News’.
  • Discounted fees for Certificate of Origin to AIPMA members.
  • Access to all important information regarding the plastic industry.
  • Join AIPMA Delegations to International Exhibitions i.e Chinaplas, K Fair, NPE at discounted rate.
  • Unlimited marketing opportunities on AIPMA website
  • Business and Trade leads at no cost for AIPMA members
  • Web Banner Promotion / Advertisements with a link to Members' website at a Concessional rate.
  • AIPMA is a great networking platform to make & meet fellow Industry colleagues.
  • Promote Plastic Parks at Dahej in Gujarat, Tamot & Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh, Auraiya in U.P, Udwaria in Rajasthan, Bengaluru in Karnataka, Tinsukia District in Assam & Siju Village in Odisha in
  • Visit Job Fairs that are held regularly with Technical Institutes to address employment issues in the Plastics Industry.
  • Receive invitations to Seminars, Conferences, Webinars, Training Programmes, Workshops & Factory visits with the concessional tariff for members.
  • Representation in Trade Bodies & Committees of the Government of India which works towards the promotion of Plastics & Petrochemical industries.
  • Make representation to various Ministries for Members' grievances on topics regarding the industry, environment, excise, Custom / FTA, etc.
  • Discounted rate for Members in Plastivision India exhibitions.
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