AIPMA EPR Activity

The All India Plastics Manufacturers’ Association (AIPMA) along with Flexible Packaging Industries and Traders Association (FPITA) has launched a collective EPR Activity to facilitate members’ EPR obligations.

AIPMA engages Waste Management Companies, who acts as an execution partner and is responsible for complete EPR from Collection to Recycling.
After successful completion of the process, AIPMA issues a Certificate of Recycling / Co-processing to the registered members which ensures the fulfilment of EPR requirement of the member’s company for a specified quantity and period.

Plastic Positive Certification

Want to be a responsible citizen?
Then Save Environment by associating with AIPMA Plastic Positive Drive.
AIPMA will retrieve and recycle or co-process the plastic waste equivalent to your yearly / Lifetime consumption of plastic to make you Plastic Neutral and will reward you a Plastic Positive Certificate.

Benefits of recycling

Conserves natural resources

Protects ecosystems and wildlife

Saves energy

Cuts climate-changing carbon emissions

Reduced Waste

Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions