Mr. Deepak Ballani
Director General

Mr. Deepak Ballani is a highly experienced, successful and well-regarded professional with more than 26 years of experience in Project Management, Consultancy Services & Business Development. He is a keen strategist & implementer with strong business acumen having comprehensive national and international experience in creating short term and long term business development programmes. He has worked at senior positions in various reputed organizations in planning, directing and facilitating operations.

The Association is headquartered in Mumbai, regional offices in Gurugram, Chennai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad

Head Office: Mumbai

Ms. Uma Gupta Secretary General
Mr. Pulkit Kasliwal Chief Financial Officer

Regional Office: Gurugram

Mr. Naresh Kumar Sah Regional Manager – North Zone

Regional Office : Chennai

Mr. J. Mohamed Ibrahim Regional Manager – South Zone

Regional Office : Kolkata

Mr. Tapas Ray Regional Manager – East Zone

Regional Office : Ahmedabad

Mr. Moulik Ribadiya Executive - West Zone

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