Why do I received a closure notice?

1. Consent

If you do not have a valid consent to establish/ operate under Section 26 of Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 and under Section 21 Air ((Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1981 or Authorization / Renewal of Authorization under Rule 6 of Hazardous and Other wastes (management and transboundary Movements) Rules, 2016, under the above said clause you may have received a closure notice.

2. Plastic waste management registration

If you do not have a valid registration under Plastic Waste Management, rules 2016 & its subsequent amendment PWM, 2018. Then you will receive a Closure notice.

3. EPR

If you have not submitted EPR planon or before 30th Sept 2018 as mentioned in the Maharashtra Plastic and thermocol products notification amendment 2nd July 2018 then you will receive a closure notice.


I do not have an EPR Plan, how should I do the EPR?

  • You can get associated with the recognized PRO to fulfil your EPR compliances.

         List of Recognized PRO is as follow (As on 14.12.2018)



  • You can submit your own EPR plan to the government.


  • AIPMA have prepared an EPR Plan on behalf of the Industry. AIPMA can provide the EPR Plan to the AIPMA members, which can be submitted to the government.


How I can become AIPMA Member?

You can visit our website https://www.aipma.net/membership-form.php fill the details and then you will receive a call from our side. Or you can download the form from https://www.aipma.net/upload/filemanager/files_135.pdf fill the required details and submit the form offline. You can call anytime during office hours for further assistance.


Where we have to submit the EPR plan?

You have to submit the EPR Plan to concerned MPCB (Sion, Thane, Govandi as per your area) and Urban Development Department. And take the acknowledgement copy of the same from MPCB/ urban development department for future reference.


How to complete the formalities and registration process of MPCB?

Please visit https://www.mpcb.gov.in/aboutus/offices.php and follow the procedure.

For Consent Management- Checklist of information to be submitted along with Consent Application.

Please visit the below link for information: http://mpcb.gov.in/consentmgt/checklist.php


What is the framework of EPR plan?

As per MPCB requisites, below is the ‘EPR Detailed Framework’ for your reference. You can refer the same, to design your EPR plan.

Sr.No. Parameters Heading Sub-Heading Mandatory / Desired
1 Pre Requisites Statutory permission (Consent and Registration)   Mandatory
Printing of details of Manufacturer / Plastic code / Buy back price   Mandatory
Use of 20% Recycled Plastic in Manufacturing   Mandatory
2 Inventory Waste collection agency / Self or PRO Authorization / Registration Desired
Plastic quantity introduced in Maharashtra (Tonnes / Month)   Mandatory
Plastic product Geographical Distribution   Mandatory
Financial Provision   Desired
3 Channelization Involvement of Rag Pickers / NGOS   Mandatory
Deployment of Separate Personnel by Producer Or PRO   Desired
4 Collection Mechanism Collection Centres Established / Being Established Mandatory
Brand Owner / Plastic Industry Neutral Mandatory
Geography Neutral Desired
Agreed Tenure Mandatory
5 Disposal Mechanism Recycled / Road Construction / Waste to Energy   Mandatory
6 Year Wise Self Targets Percentage Proposed   Mandatory
7 Awareness Consumer Awareness   Mandatory
8 Monitoring And Reporting Reporting Mechanism PRO Level Mandatory
Producer Level Mandatory
Monitoring Mechanism PRO Level Desired
Producer Level Desired

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