AMTEC will be among the top Knowledge Management Centres leveraging world class infrastructure, systems and people, delivering quality knowledge and services.


To deliver greater value through technological leadership and manufacturing excellence that are responsive to dynamic market needs, leading to domestic and export growth, making India a Global Service Hub for plastic products.


AMTEC aims to enhance the competitiveness of the plastics industry through the provision of professional services and training in innovation process, technology, and management, as well as the latest update on the industry.


  1. The goal of AMTEC is to bring best practices and new improved technology to Indian Plastics Industry. By doing this, it will contribute to manufacturing excellence and steps towards improved competitiveness at the global.
  1. AMTEC emphasizes on the adoption, adaptation, and application of advanced and appropriate technology in manufacturing industry for Plastics.
  1. AMTEC strengthens technology promotion mechanisms and technology transfer networks, as well as foster international technological cooperation.
  1. AMTEC offers services to MSMEs in the context of identified technologies and clusters with respect to trainings, production assistance and technical advisory.
  1. AMTEC supports MSMEs in Plastics sector to accomplish better manufacturing skills, to develop new products and penetrate new markets. They would be exposed to improved and adaptable global.
  1. Skill Development and training programs are regular and one of the main objective of the Program.

AMTEC, Mumbai


  1. E-Learning Centre
  2. Professional Training Courses
  3. Technical Seminars and Conferences
  4. Plastics Testing Centre

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