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Can we imagine our life without automation? Perhaps no. Automation is there in every industry. Contribution of automation in PVC is also vital. Since PVC is in powder form, many other chemicals those are compounded with PVC are also in powder form. Especially in PVC where there are many applications like PVC pipe,PVC profiles,PVC films etc. today because of cut throat competition to survive in market, processers have turned towards talking in bigger quantity of raw material, big size of process machines and of course automation to assist the processor to get the best out of these. Automation plays crucial role in optimising the process machineries, reducing wastage, get rid of dependency on labour, saving electric energy, reducing human error etc.

Research on powder conveying system has been going on since a long. While conveying powder like PVC, material velocity and air pressure also come in picture. Precise weighing is always in demand by processors. Weighing accuracy differs in vaccum and mechanical weighing system. Mechnical weighing is the most precise weighing system.

Control system can not be forgotten in an automation system. A user friendly control system is alway sought by processors. A modular control system provides a great convenience to prcessor. Now a days an efficient control system helps in measuring appraisal of factory personnel also.Reduced porosity of PVC compound increses properties of end products that's why PVC compound is stored in storage silos. Silos are also available with loadcell which shows the weight of the material stored in silo.

Customer wants fastest service so service network plays important role in offering prompt service to customer. Poor service can damage daily production of a processor.Pipe design and implementation on site decides prowess of the supplier in piping.  Proper design efficiently conveys raw material without hindrance in pipe line.

Higher content of CaCO3 in PVC compound can be responsible for separation of PVC and CaCO3 while conveying compound after mixing process. Not only that the said separation can also lead to inferior pipe quality.Powder handling automation project involves many processes like design,implementation, execution and installation. Every process should be done with a great perfection and no stone should be left unturned in whole process.


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