BPShah Consultant LLP

Contact: Pathik Shah
mobile Number: 9870148084
Phone Number: 02228737904
Email id:
Category: Consultants
Product Category: Incentive, Subsidy and Bank loan consultant
Business Type: Incentive, Subsidy and Bank loan consultant
Address: 159/4, smruti building, Jawahar nagar, road no.2, Goregaon (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400062
Product Description: Incentive, Subsidy and Bank loan consultant
Company Profile:

We are carrying out various professional assignments in field of incentives and subsidy schemes of Government of Gujarat and Maharashtra: • Scheme for assistance for Plastic industry (Gujarat) • Scheme for incentive to Industries – Gujarat • Package Scheme of Incentive – Maharashtra Any many more incentive and subsidy scheme available from Government for MSME We also help in getting loan from SIDBI under Stand up India loan scheme for MSME and other loans for MSME. We also help in obtaining license for set up Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC) from RBI and related compliances.

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