How are Plastic Face Shields Effective in Preventing the Spread of COVID-19

During the initial days of the coronavirus pandemic, many were left wondering about the best ways of protecting themselves. Thanks to plastic protective gear, those uncertain days are behind us. We now have the means to combat this worldwide threat safely and endure the pandemic wave until the spread of the virus eventually subsides. There are various types of safety gear available to us. However, there is one such protective gear that is soon on its way to becoming a norm. They are plastic face shields.

These clear face shields were been used by healthcare professionals at first. But are now seeing rising popularity among essential workers, vendors, and policemen due to their effectiveness in limiting the transfer of infectious droplets. Face shields serve as an excellent physical barrier between your breath and the particles you inhale when someone sneezes or coughs. According to research, face shields can successfully reduce viral exposure to cough that is expelled within 18 inches, by 96%.

Made from various types of resins ranging from PVC, PET, polyethylene, and thermoplastics, plastic face shields are cost-effective and lightweight. Due to the flexible nature of plastics, they can be easily produced and customized in various sizes and forms. They are corrosion-resistant, durable, and can be reused with simple sanitization process such as using a disinfectant to clean the exposed surface. They can conveniently fit over spectacles and face masks and can be worn for long durations without causing any irritation to the wearer.

What makes plastic face shield have an upper hand over disposable cloth face masks, is that they make lip reading possible for the deaf or people have hearing issues. They also provide clear visibility and one can easily breathe without any difficulty. What's more, face shields reinforce the importance of physical distancing and safety. Another great reason why face shields are effective in reducing infection is that they prevent the wearer from directly touching their face.

Plastic protective gear such as face shields has turned out to be a huge boon to us during these challenging times. They are been quickly and affordably manufactured and distributed across various hospitals and communities across India. Due to their mass availability, they are now a part of countless COVID-19 safety strategies and its safe to say that we have a fighting chance over this pandemic.

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