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An Xmas tree made of old plastic bottles- The Times of India

Students of Kerala United Theological Seminary made a Christmas tree out of 2,000 used plastic bottles. Conveying the green message the students collected the plastic bottles from Veli and nearby areas of in the city as a part of the college’s campaign to recycle and reuse plastic items.

Dairies in Pune ready to set up recycling plant if PMC makes land available-The Indian Express

Dairies in Pune have expressed their willingness to set up plants to recycle their plastic pouches if the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) makes land available to them. Prakash Kutwal, Secretary of the Milk Producers and Processors Welfare Association, said Thursday that talks with the PMC about land being made available are underway. Dyaneshewar Molok, Joint Commissioner of PMC, said the civic body will process the dairies’ request for land once the proposal comes from them.

Work to clear pile of trash at Dadumajra dumping ground begins-The Indian Express

The work of clearing the huge pile of trash at Chandigarh’s sole dumping ground will begin at a cost of Rs 34 crore on Friday. The huge pile of trash has been a pain for decades at the dumping ground which is situated at Dadumajra. Residents will be able to get rid of 5 lakh metric tonnes of garbage that has accumulated at Dadumajra. The work has been allotted to a Nagpur-based company by the board of directors of Chandigarh Smart City Limited.

Panchkula became pioneer of waste segregation in Tricity - The Indian Express

While the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation, which has a waste processing plant, dumps most of its waste in the dumping ground of Dadu Majra, its Panchkula counterpart is processing almost 58 per cent of its waste on its own, even without a processing plant. The key to this is, according to MC Commissioner Rajesh Jogpal, the segregation of waste. At present, about 117 tonnes of garbage is released from the city, of which 60 percent is wet and the rest is dry waste. About 65 percent of the wet waste is being composted as manure and the dry waste is being recycled.


St. Kitts and Nevis to ban SUP

The Department of Environment in St. Kitts and Nevis, an island in the West Indies, is seriously considering banning the use of single-use plastics, Minister responsible for the Environment, the Honourable Eugene Hamilton, said during the Budget 2020 debate currently taking place in the National Assembly. The ban of single use plastics has also been advocated by the Ministry of Tourism in coordination with the Sustainable Destination Council.

Mealworms provide plastic solution

Tiny mealworms may hold part of the solution to our giant plastics problem. Not only are they able to consume various forms of plastic, as previous Stanford research has shown, they can eat Styrofoam containing a chemical additive and still be safely used as protein-rich feedstock for other animals, according to a new Stanford study published in Environmental Science & Technology.

YPS to unveil capping solution

Yorkshire Packaging Systems (YPS) has introduced its environmentally-friendly first of its kind to be OPRL approved and fully recyclable to LDPE level 4. Bollore BFF shrink film is converted in-house at YPS through a perforation process and so can be provided in any width required. Moreover, just like standard pizza capping films, YPS perforate across the length of the roll meaning that any sheet length requirements can be matched for any size of pizza.

Braskem, Biowash and Greco & Guerreiro to launch biobased packaging

Petrochemical company Braskem has established a partnership with two companies to develop new packaging from biobased plastics and post-consumer resin (PCR). The two partners are Brazilian packaging company Biowash and the plastic fabrication provider Greco & Guerreiro. As part of the partnership, Biowash’s packaging will include a mixture of renewable plastic made from sugarcane and PCR. The containers will include 60% Braskem’s biobased plastics and 40% PCR resin made from recycled plastic products.

New York Governor proposes to ban single-use Styrofoam food containers

Governor of New York Andrew M Cuomo has proposed to ban single-use expanded polystyrene (Styrofoam) food containers. The prohibition is a part of the governor’s 5th proposal of 2020 State of the State Agenda. The ban will come into effect in January 2022 and is expected to be ‘the strongest statewide ban in the US’. The initiative is a part of the governor’s commitment to reduce environmental pollution statewide, which also includes a ban on single-use plastic bags and polystyrene packaging materials called packing peanuts.

Import policies choke the flow of recycled plastic from US

Export figures continue to show the power of recycled plastic import restrictions in Southeast Asia. Countries that were previously the largest overseas markets have seen massive decreases in U.S. plastic imports since mid-2018. The U.S. sent 2.3 million pounds of scrap plastic to India in October, slightly down from September and significantly down from earlier in the year.

BEWiSynbra launches recycling company in Portugal

European expandable polystyrene (EPS) manufacturer BEWiSynbra has established a new recycling company in Portugal to support its recycling initiatives. The new facility will be located close to one of the BEWiSynbra’s existing production sites. Portuguese fish farming industry will supply raw materials for the facility. In October 2018, the company launched BEWiSynbra Circular and aims to recycle 60,000t of EPS a year. BEWiSynbra intends to increase the recycling volumes in the next two to four years.

BP forms consortium to recycle PET packaging

BP Infinia is designed to turn opaque and hard-to-recycle PET plastic scrap into recyclable feedstocks that can be used to make high-quality PET packaging with no loss in quality, according to BP. The new consortium plans to combine the capabilities of its members to develop a circular approach to handling PET scrap. BP reports that other parties may join the consortium to further complement the expertise of the founding members.

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